Raymond W. Brock Memorial Commission

The Raymond W. Brock Memorial Choral Series was established in 1991 to honor the life and contributions of Raymond W. Brock, who served as Administrative Assistant for ACDA from 1987 until his untimely death in 1991. This endowment also provides for a Student Composition Competition.

Annually, the ACDA Executive Committee will commission a recognized composer to write a choral composition in an effort to perpetuate quality choral repertoire. Funds for this commission will be paid from the Raymond W. Brock Memorial Endowment, a fund established and maintained by the membership of ACDA.

Guidelines for commissioned compositions:

1. Compositions that have a sacred text are preferred, however it is not required that the text come from the Bible.
2. Compositions that use voices are preferred.                                        
3. The music must be substantial and accessible.
4. The music must be of a kind and quality that will live and last for a long period of time.
5. All commissioned compositions will be performed publicly for the first time at a National or Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association.

Commissioned Works

Commissioned for: the 2016 ACDA Division Conferences
First Performances:
North Central:

Stop this Day and Night with Me by Jake Heggie     Score Sample
Commissioned for: the 2015 ACDA National Conference
First Performance: The King's Singers

The Definition of Beauty by Alice Parker  LISTEN   Score Sample 
Commissioned for: the 2014 ACDA Division Conferences
First Performances:
Central: Little Miami Select Women's Chorale, Sarah J. Baker
North Central:
Northwestern:  Heritage High School Women's Choir, Joel Karn
Southwestern: Woodlands High School Varsity Treble Choir, Bob Horton
Western:  Mount Eden high School Women's Choir, Ken Rawdon

Take Him, Earth by Steven Stucky    LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 2013 ACDA National Conference
Text: John F. Kennedy
First Performance: Mormon Choral Organizations Festival Chorus, Craig Jessop

Distance Can't Keep Us Two Apart by Chen Yi    LISTEN   Score Sample  
Commissioned for: the 2012 ACDA Division Conferences
Text: Wang Bo (Tang Dynasty)
First Performances:
Central: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Susan Davenport
Eastern: Montclair State University Singers, Heather J. Buchanan
North Central: Clerestory
Northwestern:  Pacific Lutheran University, Richard Nance
Southern: Festival Singers of Florida, Craig Zamer
Southwestern: Arlington Master Chorale, Randy Jordan
Western:  Arizona State University Symphonic Chorale, Gregory Gentry

Three Mystical Choruses by Steven Sametz   LISTEN to Movement 1
Commissioned for: the 2011 ACDA National Conference
First Performance: Chanticleer

All Works of Love by Joan Szymko    LISTEN    Score Sample 
Commissioned for: the 2010 ACDA Division Conferences
Text: two Mother Teresa quotes
First Performances:
Central: South Lyon High School Singers, Steven Lorenz
Eastern: Conspirare: Company of Voices, Craig Hella Johnson
North Central: Eastview High School Concert Choir & Wayzata High School Concert Choir, Jerry McCoy
Northwestern: Choral Arts, Robert Bode
Southern: East Carolina University Chamber Singers, Daniel Bara
Southwestern: Texas State University Chorale, Joey M. Martin
Western: Riverside City College Chamber Singers, John Byun

Cenotaph by Dominick Argento
Commissioned for: the 2009 ACDA National Conference
Text: Sara Teasdale
First Performance: Festival Chorus and Oklahoma Philharmonic Orchestra, Ann Howard Jones

Life's Mirror by Eleanor Daley
Commissioned for: the 2008 ACDA Division Conferences
Text: Madeline Bridges (1844-1920)
First Performances: 
Central: Haslett High School, Erich Wangeman
Eastern: Woodley Ensemble, Frank Albinder
North Central: The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton
Northwestern: Governor John R. Rogers High School, D. Patrick Michel
Southern: Seymour High School Concert Choir, Jean Burkhart
Southwestern: Collegiate Honor Choir, Eph Ehly
Western: California State University Long Beach Chamber Choir, Jonathan Talberg

The Nine Muses by David Conte     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 2007 ACDA National Conference, Miami, Florida
Published by: E. C. Schirmer Music Co
Text: John Stirling Walker
First Performance: The University of Miami Frost Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe

Dances to Life by Mack Wilberg   LISTEN to"Wonder"
Commissioned for: the 2006 ACDA Division Conferences
Published by: Oxford University Press
First Performances:
Central: Michigan State University Chorale, David Rayl 
Eastern: The Choir of St. Ignatius Loyola, Kent Tritle  (first performance)
North Central: Lawrence University Concert Choir, Richard Bjella
Northwestern: Pacific Lutheran University Choir of the West, Kathryn Lehmann 
Southern: Murray State University Concert Choir, Bradley L. Almquist
Southwestern: Drury University Singers, Allin Sorenson 
Western: Brigham Young University Concert Choir, Rosalind Hall

Nocturnes by Morten Lauridsen     LISTEN 
Commissioned for: the 2005 ACDA National Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Text: Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda and James Agee
Published by: Faber Music
First Performance: The Donald Brinegar Singers, Donald Brinegar

We Behold Once Again the Stars by Z. Randall Stroope    LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 2004 ACDA Division Conferences
First Performances:
Central: Anderson University Chorale, Richard Sowers
Eastern: West Singers, Cherry Hill HS West, Christine Bass
North Central: University of Nebraska-Omaha Concert Choir, Z. Randall Stroope
Northwestern: Western Washington Univ Concert Choir, Leslie Guelker-Cone
Southern: A Cappella Choir, Louisiana State University, Kenneth Fulton
Southwestern: Ouachita Baptist University Ouachita Singers, Charles L. Fuller
Western: Donald Brinegar Singers, Donald Brinegar

Memorial by René Clausen    LISTEN to Part 1
Commissioned for: the 2003 ACDA National Conference
Published by: Roger Dean Publishing Co., a Lorenz company
First Performance: The Concordia Choir, René Clausen and Concordia Symphony Orchestra, Bruce Houglum

Psalm 36 by Richard Nance
Commissioned for: the 2002 ACDA Division Conferences
Text: Psalm 36                      
Published by: Walton Music
First Performances:
Central: North Central High School Counterpoints, Patricia Wiehe 
Eastern: Princeton Singers, Steven Sametz 
North Central: University Singers, University of Nebraska, Peter A. Eklund 
Northwestern: Portland State University Chamber Choir, Bruce Browne 
Southern: Furman Singers, Bingham Vick Jr. 
Southwestern: Southwest Texas State University Chorale, John Paul Johnson and Joey Martins
Western: Brigham Young Singers, Ronald Staheli

Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine by Eric Whitacre  LISTEN   Score Sample
Commissioned for: the 2001 ACDA National Conference
Text: C.A. Silvestri.
Published by: Walton Music
First Performance: Kansas City Chorale, Charles Bruffy

The Circles of Our Lives by David Brunner     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 2000 Division Conferences
Text: Wendell Berry
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc
First Performances:
Central: Children’s Honor Choir, Judith Willoughby 
Eastern: Children’s Chorus of Washington, Joan Gregoryk 
North Central: Milwaukee Children’s Choir, Emily Crocker  
Northwestern: Children’s Honor Choir, Anton Armstrong 
Southern: Charlotte Children’s Chorus, Sandy Holland 
Southwestern: Children’s Honor Chorus, Henry Leck 
Western: Contra Costa Children’s Chorus, Iris Lamanna
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

The God of Glory Thunders by Adolphus Hailstork     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1999 ACDA National Conference
Text: Psalm 29: 3-11
Published by: JEHMS, A Division of Alliance Music Publishing
First Performance: Oklahoma State University Chamber Choir, Jerry McCoy 
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

I Thank You God by Gwyneth Walker     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1999 ACDA National Conference
Text: e. e. cummings
Published by: ECS Publishing
First Performance: National Women’s Honor Choir, Diane Loomer and Morna Edmundson
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

A Psalm Trilogy by Samuel Adler     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1998 Division Conferences
Text: Psalm 84, 42, 113
Published by: Theodore Presser Company
First Performances:
Eastern: United States Navy Sea Chanters, Chuck Yates
Northwestern: Portland State University Choir, Bruce Browne 
Southern: Virginia Tech University Meistersingers, Kevin Fenton  
Southwestern: University of Tulsa Chorale, Ed Byrom 
Western: University Singers, CSU Fullerton, John Alexander 
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

Jacob’s Prayer by Gian Carlo Menotti
Commissioned for: the 1997 ACDA National Conference
Published by: G. Schirmer
First Performance:
Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale, Jerry McCoy, conductor
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Concert Choir, Gary Schwartzhoff, conductor
Texas Christian University Concert Chorale, Ronald Shirey, conductor
San Diego Chamber Orchestra, Roger Melone, conductor

God Be With Us by Stephen Paulus     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1997 ACDA National Conference
Text: Anonymous from Carmina Gadelica
Published by: ECS Publishing
First Performance: National Two-Year Honor Choir and National Community Honor Choir William B. Hatcher, conductor
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

That I Shall Never Look Upon Thee More by James Mulholland     LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1996 Division Conferences
Text: John Keats
Published by: JEHMS, A Division of Alliance Music Publications
First Performances:
Central: University of Michigan Chamber Singers, Jerry Blackstone 
Eastern: Albany Pro Musica, David Griggs-Janower 
North Central: Clarion Chamber Singers, Stanley Schmidt 
Northwestern: Combined Men’s and Women’s HS Honor Choir, Scott Eric Anderson and Debra L. Glaze
Southern: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Choir, John H. Dickson 
Southwestern: Two-Year College Honor Choir, Jo-Michael Scheibe 
Western: Consort Singers Loyola Marymount University, Mary C. Breden
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

Alleluia for the Waters by Daniel Pinkham    LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1995 ACDA National Conference 
Text: Daniel Pinkham
Published by: ECS Publishing
First Performance: 1995 ACDA National Men’s Honor Choir, Allen C. Crowell
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

Sing a Mighty Song by Daniel Gawthrop   LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1994 Division Conferences
Text: Jane Griner
Published by: Alliance Music Publications
First Performances: 
Central: Anderson University Chorale, Richard L. Sowers
Eastern: U.S. Air Force Singing Sergeants, Captain A. Phillip Waite
North Central: U.S. Air Force Singing Sergeants, Captain A. Phillip Waite
Northwestern: NWACDA Combined HS & College Choirs, Jo-Michael Scheibe
Southern: Louisiana State University A Cappella Choir, Kenneth Fulton
Southwestern: High School Honor Choir, Hugh Sanders
Western: St. Charles Borromeo Church Choir, Paul Salamunovich
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

A Time to Dance by Carlisle Floyd    LISTEN
Commissioned for: the 1993 ACDA National Conference
Published by: Boosey & Hawkes
First Performance: Westminster Choir and San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Flummerfelt

O For A Thousand Tongues by Theron Kirk    LISTEN
Performed at: Raymond W. Brock's Memorial Service
Text: Charles Wesley
Music: Carl G. Glaser; Arrangement: Theron Kirk
Published by: Oxford University Press
Piece included on the CD, Commissions.

* Some consider O For a Thousand Tongues to be the first Brock Commission.  It is included on this list with this acknowledgment.
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