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American Choral Directors Association


There are openings for the National R&R Committee starting July 1st in the following areas:

 -College and University

-Senior High School

-Student Activities

 The deadline for application is May 31st. Anyone who is interested in applying must send a Resume/CV along with a Statement of Intent for the position via email to:

 Amy Blosser, National R&R Committee Chair

Dr. Amanda Quist, National R&R Collegiate Activities Coordinator (

Information on ACDA Student Chapters

Student Activities National Leadership

Sponsored by Manhattan Concert Productions

Student Chapter Award
Congratulations to Ithaca College and
Michigan State University Student Chapters,
winners of the 2014-2015 Student Chapter Award!


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ACDA has launched a Student Membership Campaign!
For information, please click here: Student Drive


ACDA National is interested in helping you create connections.
To find out more, click here

in the "Student Times" section of Choral Journal
Information on submitting articles.



Ohio Northern University

Recently hosted the third annual All-Ohio Choral Day, featuring renowned composer Joseph M. Martin and his wife, Sue Martin.

Vanguard University
Started a new ACDA Chapter! For information on how to start a chapter at your college or university, please see the information below.

University of Oklahoma School of Music

Ithaca College

Donated to ACDA's new Fund for Tomorrow!

Want to see your Student Chapter featured in the Choral Journal?

Please send Student Chapter updates to:

Sundra Flansburg:

National Standards for Student Chapters

Successful collegiate ACDA chapters:

1.Encourage and stimulate student membership and involvement in ACDA at the State, Division, and National levels.

2.Promote and recognize the involvement of ACDA student chapters on college campuses.

3.Sponsor activities and sessions at the local level that engage the training and experience of student choral musicians.

4.Encourage student attendance and involvement at ACDA Divisional and National Conferences through scholarship projects.

ACDA student activities include:

1.Student symposia and workshops

2.Conducting master classes

3.Reading Sessions

4.Sponsorship of activities and sessions at ACDA conferences that directly relate to the training and experience of student choral musicians

For additional information, please email Dr. Amanda Quist, National R&R Collegiate Activities Coordinator